Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Movie palace bites the dust

Ahh, what the heck. For the first day, you get two posts. (This might count as tomorrow's post, depending on how I feel then.)
This is the corner of Albert Street and 11th Avenue where the Coronet Theatre has just been demolished. The last downtown movie theatre (unless you count the Regina Public Library), the Coronet actually closed about a year ago.
If you don't know the city, the buildings we're looking at in the background are (l-r) the former Derrick Building, now the Renaissance seniors housing project; Trianon Tower, a seniors high-rise built on the site of the former Trianon Ballroom; and City Hall.
At extreme right is a small office building that's about to become the new home of the Rising Sun Tattoo parlour on the next block. What blows me away is the sign painted on the side of that building, hidden for the last three decades, advertising OK Used Cars at Regina Motor Products. RMP used to be just across the street, and maybe kept some of its inventory at this site. They've since moved to Highway 6 South.

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